What Type of Games Can I Play on a Budget Gaming Laptop?

You just bought a new laptop that you plan to use for business or university chores, but at the same time you really can’t live without a few games to spend some hours on. Perfectly understandable, as might be your fears of not finding any compatible title for your budget device.

Well, as much as experienced gamers love to brag about their overpowered machines, we, fortunately, live in an era where you don’t need anymore custom PCs to have fun with some great games.

Think about all the titles from previous generations that you loved playing: all the Portals, Minecrafts, Civilizations and even Assassin’s Creeds on which you spent hours and hours on. Most of those titles now run extremely well on laptops and with all the latest patches released by the developers the experience will be smoother than ever.

You don’t need to go too far back in time, with a quick search on forums and blogs you’ll find tons of previous AAA titles that are fully optimized for portable gaming: Sleeping Dogs and Euro Truck Simulator 2 are great examples of this trend, even if they were both released only five years ago.

Always study the requested and recommended specs of the games you wish to play, you might be surprised by what you can install on your system! Online there are literally hundreds of tutorials that explain how to run the latest games on older or underpowered machines, so if you’re willing to play with fewer special effects and dirty your hands on .dll and .ini files, then you’ll be able to get pretty much everything running on a budget laptop.

If your passions are innovative gameplay, fresh ideas and inspired art styles then you’ll lose yourself in the myriad of indie games available for less than 10$. Whatever is your favorite genre or way to play, platforms like Steam, Desura & GoG are full of awesome titles everyone can enjoy: action adventures like The Binding of Isaac or Hotline Miami, strategic simulators as FTL and Stardew Valley or even mesmerizing stories as To The Moon will make you laugh, cry and enjoy every second spent on them.

Also, if you were born in the era of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming, then you will again feel at home with game such as Shovel Knight and Owl Boy, not counting all the emulators and classic collections available both for free and with small prices.

Are you a fan of roleplaying? No problem, on your laptop you can live thousand adventures with all the famous titles you played at home: Runescape, World of Warcraft and dozens of browser game will run seamlessly on every PC.

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