3 Best Gaming Laptops Under 300 Dollars: Our Selection

Buying the best gaming laptop under 300 dollars with portability and cheapness in mind often means accepting some compromises, especially in the graphical and performance departments. While certainly not on par with their big brothers, micro-PCs (or “netbooks”, as they were called for a while) can still provide a solid gaming experience: indie & casual titles will rarely give you any problems on these computers and, if you’re willing to dirty your hands with .dll and .ini files, you might even be able to run some triple-A games.

Leads the way the 15-BA009DX, the brand new laptop by HP with a large bright 15’’ screen and a powerful AMD A6-7310 quad core processor. No integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports or Bluetooth connectivity may seem as fatal lacks for a laptop, but they can easily be overcome with dongles or USB adapters. While not solid state, the internal hard drive offers 500GB of storage, definitely a good amount for a similar device. The integrated graphics card is an AMD Radeon R4, but its overall power, sleek design and an interesting price tag of 265$ will surely ensure you a comfortable experience.

If portability is not your concern and what you need is raw power then look no forward than the latest Dell Inspiron i3541-2001BLK: the impressive benchmarks with titles such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Batman: Arkham Origins makes this laptop the ultimate choice for budget gaming. Even without dedicated memory space, the evergreen AMD Radeon R4 delivers greatly paired with the AMD A6 processor (clocking at 18.GHz) and the overall 6.5 hours of battery life won’t let you down in the most exciting moments.

Last but not least we have to recommend the cheapest laptop on the block: priced at only 240$ the Lenovo B50-45 doesn’t exactly brag monstrous performances, but a wide 15” screen and a pretty long battery life will be great for the oldest titles in your library and even some modern casual games. The cheap construction quality, especially its flimsy keyboard, can lead to a false first impression, but as an everyday laptop with gaming resources, the Lenovo will do its job.

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