Do I Need An Extended Warranty For My Gaming Laptop?

Often regarded as “the limpid children of the American Dream”, extended warranties are one of the most controversial topics when it comes to buying any kind of high-end technology: in this day and age it seems that almost every shopping mall and retail chain has its own set of rules, advantages and conditions to propose to their customers extra fees for a few more years of coverage. Breaking them all down is probably an impossible task, as these promotions tend to change yearly, but is it really convenient to buy one of these options for a gaming laptop?

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What Type of Games Can I Play on a Budget Gaming Laptop?

You just bought a new laptop that you plan to use for business or university chores, but at the same time you really can’t live without a few games to spend some hours on. Perfectly understandable, as might be your fears of not finding any compatible title for your budget device.

Well, as much as experienced gamers love to brag about their overpowered machines, we, fortunately, live in an era where you don’t need anymore custom PCs to have fun with some great games.

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3 Best Gaming Laptops Under 300 Dollars: Our Selection

Buying the best gaming laptop under 300 dollars with portability and cheapness in mind often means accepting some compromises, especially in the graphical and performance departments. While certainly not on par with their big brothers, micro-PCs (or “netbooks”, as they were called for a while) can still provide a solid gaming experience: indie & casual titles will rarely give you any problems on these computers and, if you’re willing to dirty your hands with .dll and .ini files, you might even be able to run some triple-A games.

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